Chinese Checkers

Game description
This is the ancient game of Chinese checkers. In this game you are up against the computer. The objective is to move your pegs to your enemies base and quickly as possible. You can consecutively jump to speed up movement, you need to strategically place your pegs so that your other pegs can make consecutive jumps. Make sure you also try and block the jumps of the computer! This classic game is sure to make you have an immense amount of fun!
How to play
The aim of this game is to move all your blue marbles from your blue base to the opposite green base. RULES - A marble can move to an adjacent space - A marble can jump over another marble - After jumping over a marble, the marble can jump over another marble again. - A marble cannot end its move on the base other than its own or its goal. (But it can jump to it and then jump out immediately)