Pyramid Solitaire Classic

Game description
Relax and play the classic game of pyramid with this classy solitaire card game!
How to play
To win, eliminate all cards from the table and from the deck. Click a card and click another card to make a match. The trick with pyramid is that matches must be made with two cards that add up to 13, regardless of suit or color. So, the 10 and the 3 card will match because 10+3=13, the 5 and the 8 card will match, and so on. Face cards are worth the following: Ace - 1 Jack - 11 Queen - 12 King - 13 So, Queen will match with Ace, Jack will match with 2, and King can be eliminated simply by clicking it. Try to pick up a strategy for eliminating cards. If you're stuck, click the "Redeal" button to start a new game. Good luck!